TWCompetition | tUNINGwERKS...Getting Ready to Unveil New Projects for 2010! 
TWCompetition and tUNINGwERKS will unveil several new projects in 2010! Partnerships within the fashion industry and automotive OEM's create the framework for exciting ventures as the year rolls on.

Despite 2009 being a difficult year for the overall economy, TWCompetition continued to dominate the show scene and media outlets with its vehicles. From car show appearances at Hot Import Nights, DUB, etc. to motorsport events like Formula Drift, TWCompetition maintains its dominant role in the overall car scene/culture.

2010 is shaping up to be a great year! We would like to thank our sponsors, supporters and fans!

TWCompetition | Official Hot Import Nights Best Team Overall of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008! 
TWCompetition | Official Hot Import Nights Best Team Overall of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008!

Los Angeles, CA -- February 2, 2009 -- TWCompetition dominates the aftermarket tuning scene with five consecutive years of team victory at Hot Import Nights competition. Since 2003, TWCompetition has followed the national Hot Import Nights tour. The TWC team has been involved in all aspects of the Hot Import Nights brand, including Import Revolution, Hot Import Daze, VIP Auto Fashion, and Night Shift.

With five national team titles, hundreds of team victories and thousands of individual competitor awards earned, there is no question that TWC has cemented its legacy in competition. As the culture and lifestyle of the automotive aftermarket continues to morph, TWCompetition maintains its position as trendsetters in the industry. The team's display pioneered the use of branded barrier tape, balloon arches, industry models, gogo dancers on elevated platforms, unique t-shirt promotional giveaways, and the unforgettable ice sculptures and ice bars per event. TWCompetition truly set the standard for team representation by which all others are now measured. Its role has been pivotal in elevating the levels of competition nationwide.

The vehicles of TWCompetition have been featured in publications such as AutoWeek, Car Audio and Electronics, Car Sound and Performance, ES4, European Car, eurotuner, Fast Car, Forza, LA Style, Max Power, Modified, Modified Luxury & Exotics, Performance Auto & Sound, Performance BMW, and RIDES. In addition, TWCompetition can be seen on episodes of Meguiar's Car Crazy TV, ESPN/ESPN2 and SPEED channel.

The team members of TWCompetition, past and present reflect back on its beginnings with countless memories and enduring pride. While other teams seek strength in open recruitment policies, TWCompetition has always stood for exclusivity. The strength of TWC does not rely on membership volume, but rather on a strict adherence to quality and the fastidious attention to detail. As TWCompetition prepares for the 2009 show season, TWC would like to express its gratitude to fans, supporters, and sponsors alike.